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Miami – Dade County Public Schools offers Charter School operators two areas for accessing and maintaining required records and reports. This page contains many of the forms required throughout the year. The Charter-Tools system is where schools maintain their required documents, files, and status reports. The forms listed may be downloaded to your computer or printed for completion. Most are in MS Word, however some are Excel spreadsheets and some PDF files. These forms are provided to assist you in fulfilling the requirements of the contractual agreements between the charter schools and The School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida. Always check here to be sure you are using the most current forms. These forms are linked, where applicable, to benchmarks in Charter-Tools.

American Disability Act. Compliance Notice
PDF files have been integrated into a PDFVIEWER which allows access to the documents, icons and tool bars located at the top of each document without downloading PDF reader (this may take a few seconds). The most common used icons such as save, print and scroll along with many other features can be found in the PDFVIEWER  toolbar located at top of the document. Contact the webmaster for questions or issues related to the website or website infrastructure.

ACES Fingerprint Input Document for Support Personnel

ACES Fingerprint Input Document for Teachers

ACES Job Codes

ACES Service Provider Vendor Fingerprint Payment

Allocation Form

Charters Electronic Fund Transfer Authorization Form

Certified Public Accountant

Compliance Review Action Plan Template

Fingerprinting and Drug Screening

Florida Teachers Classroom Supply Assistance Program

Food Service

Governing Board Disclosure Form

Governing Board Meeting Dates

Grants – Request For Payment

Monthly FEFP Forms

Media Permission Form

Name Change Request

Property Inventory

Transfer Employee Form

Unaudited Year-End Statements–GASB

Unaudited Year-End Statements–Non-GASB

FEFP Invoices

book of finance payments
View the most recent Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) payment made to a Miami-Dade County Public Schools Charter School...

Opening a Charter

girlsattending a Charter schoolFlorida Statutes states” A sponsor shall receive and consider charter school applications received on or before February 1st of each calendar year...

Rules & Regulations

a pictures of reglas

Guidelines from the local, State and Federal level are part of the operation of all Charter  Schools and …