New  School  Applicants

Applicant Orientation

Due to the current conditions regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and in order to ensure the safety of all stakeholders the Applicant Orientation will not be held for this upcoming application cycle.  In order to assist anyone in the submission of a charter school application we have posted the Applicant Instructions and a PowerPoint that can be accessed using the link below.

Should you require additional information or if clarification is needed, feel free to contact Ms. Dahlia Gonzalez at [email protected] or you can reach her at 305-995-1901.

Applicant Instructions

Section 1002.33(6), F.S., requires charter school applicants to  an application on a model application form developed by the FDOE. These forms can be accessed using Final Application Item below.

Please contact Ms. Dahlia Gonzalez via  E-mail for guidance  as we update our Applicant  Instructions. 

Final Application

Final charter applications shall be submitted pursuant to the sponsor’s application packet. Applications shall be submitted to:

Charter School Compliance and Support

8th Floor, Suite 802
1450 Northeast 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33132
Applicants must submit an application on the most current Model Florida Charter School Application template with any other forms, templates, or appendices required by the sponsor.

This Link will take you to the FDOE Model Application Form in order to access these documents:

Instructions for submitting a charter school application to Miami Dade County Public Schools can be found by using Application Instructions Item above.

Should you have any questions please contact Ms. Dahlia Gonzalez via E-mail 

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